T. Tremblay
M.S. Kendall
A.-M. LeBlanc
N. Short
O. Bellehumeur-Génier
G.A. Oldenborger
P. Budkewitsch
D.J. Mate
Published on:
December 31, 2015
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File size:
93.78 MB
Recommended citation:
Tremblay, T., Kendall, M.S., Bellehumeur-Génier, O., LeBlanc, A.-M., Oldenborger, G.A., Budkewitsch, P. and Mate, D.J. 2015: Preliminary RapidEye land-cover map for Western Hudson Bay area, Nunavut; Canada-Nunavut Geoscience Office, Geoscience Data Series GDS2015-015, georeferenced .tif file.
NTS map sheets:
55D; 55E; 55F; 55J; 55K; 55L; 55N; 55O; 65A; 65H
Contents (accompanying image files):
  • CNGO-GDS2015-015-Tremblay.tif: land-cover tif image
  • CNGO-GDS2015-015-Tremblay.tfw: world file containing georeference information for the main image
  • CNGO-GDS2015-015-Tremblay.tif.xml: metadata information about the image file
Software: System for Automated Geoscientific Analyses (SAGA); Esri ArcView 10.0
Analysis: supervised classification
Tremblay, T., Kendall, M.S., LeBlanc, A.-M., Short, N., Bellehumeur-Génier, O., Oldenborger, G.A., Budkewitsch, P. and Mate, D.J. 2015: Overview of the surficial geology map compilation, RapidEye land-cover mapping and permafrost studies for infrastructure in the western Hudson Bay area, Nunavut; in Summary of Activities 2015, Canada-Nunavut Geoscience Office, p. 145–160.